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4 Weight-Loss Chi Kung exercises

Weightloss Chi Kung DVD video excerpt
Weight Loss CHI KUNG
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DVD Weight-loss Chi Kung

Duration - 56m
Production - Annie Ollivier
Director - Dan Voyé

HUNGER BLOCKERHUNGER BLOCKER (click on the video trailer above)

The first exercise is the HUNGER BLOCKER that leads to changes in stomach acids and in physiological processes associated with hunger.

BELLY BURNER BELLY BURNER The second exercise is the BELLY BURNER that burns and reduces abdominal fat. FAT BURNER FAT BURNER The third exercise is the FAT BURNER that converts your body's fat reserves into fuel and burns it up, resulting in weight loss. The body's fat is burned uniformly throughout the body and the skin maintains its elasticity. ENERGIZER ENERGIZER The fourth exercise is the ENERGIZER that fights fatigue, boosts your energy and increases your well-being, by calming you.

More about Slimmimg Chi Kung

More and more people are concerned about losing weight and regaining their enthusiasm for life and their joy of living. Our sedentary lifestyle, stress, fatigue, unbalanced and empty diet, and lack of exercise, all contribute over time to an accumulation of excess weight.

How to slim and get rid of the excess weight? Most fad diets and quick reducing methods can be frustrating, tiring, if not exhausting, and disappointing and harmful to your health. And they are often very expensive because you have to start over again when you gain back the weight. In addition, these methods aim only to reduce weight, not to improve health, and can even undermine your state of health and well-being.

The Chi Kung (Qi Gong) techniques proposed here to lose weight and regain your original and inherent vitality are age-old and tested methods inherited from the Taoist and Buddhist traditions. They were previously practiced by monks living in caves and longtime kept secret. But recently, by a decision of the Chinese government to open to the rest of the world, certain masters left China to teach abroad. And this knowledge is starting to be transmitted.


Following a specific method, in one weekend, you will learn to control your weight, eat well, and do aerobics... without running or stressing your heart!... and regain your natural joy and inner smile.

Through a combination of breathing, intention, minimal movements and appropriate diet, Weight-Loss Chi Kung (Qi Gong) burns fat and transforms it into energy. Each individual will receive a personalized program based on a study of their specific needs, a program that corresponds to their physical condition and energy. These are therefore not one-size-fits-all techniques for casual use.

No more draconian eating rules, grinding exercises and endless diets!

Your instruments: your thoughts, your body, your energy and your awareness!

Once learned and integrated, this method is yours to enjoy forever!

Your instruments: your thoughts, your body, your energy and your awareness!


This Chi Kung is a special form of Chinese therapy that was developed by various masters and specialists practicing different disciplines and that has been scientifically tested on numerous occasions. Professors, scientists, specialists and doctors have all studied this type of Chi Kung and the scientific tests performed (blood tests, experiments and chemical studies) have all proven that Weight-Loss Chi Kung is excellent for human health.

This Chi Kung is based on the traditional, ancient Buddha Chi Kung, previously practiced by monks living in caves. It has been adapted and improved to meet the needs of the modern world. In China, this special type of Chi Kung appeared on television only once. At the time, the international media reported on it in articles and programs. This prompted people with weight problems to create clubs and organize trips to China to learn this special Chi Kung. And thus it began to gain notoriety.


The practice of Weight-Loss Chi Kung lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides, improves liver function, decreases hypertension and normalizes blood pressure. Weight loss takes place naturally, without drugs or tiring exercise. The skin doesn't wrinkle, you stay young, and you have more energy and less anger.

The practice of this Chi kung can also cure other problems, such as back pain, sore knees and heart problems. It regularizes blood sugar levels and reduces insomnia.

One of the main advantages of Weight-Loss Chi Kung is that the muscles and blood circulation are able to adapt to the change of weight. The side effects of the usual weight-loss techniques, such as wrinkles, hair loss and flabby skin, can thus be avoided.