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Example pages from the Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga) E-Book
TAO YIN (Taoist Yoga)


72 color pages
Editor - Annie Ollivier - Graphics and layout - Dan Voyé

The aim of Tao Yin is to become soft, pure, alert and full of energy. Although most of these exercises are simple to do for most people, they are nonetheless extremely efficient. They bring back the balance we have lost inside of us. They are at anybody’s reach!

Tao Yin is a form of Taoist Yoga that is thousand of years old and that originates form TCM, martial arts and Taoist and Buddhist spiritual practices. Chi is the bio-electromagnetic life force interconnecting all elements beyond time and space. These exercises are soft and energizing. They develop flexibility, strength, resistance and suppleness. They bring about harmony in the body, the mind and the spirit because they are intrinsically integrative. The principle of Tao Yin is to move energy, particularly in the resting phase following each exercise. So, it is very important to relax and consciously breathe once the exercise is finished. Even if you don’t know where meridians run, energy will move more after the exercise.

These 5 sets of exercises offered in my workshops and in this E-Book belong to this old Taoist discipline that, like all other TCM elements, promotes health and harmony.

Those 5 sets of exercises have different functions because they act on different and specific aspects :

  • The first set harmonizes energy, strengthens the psoas muscles and the spine.
  • The second set opens the spine and relaxes the nervous system.
  • The third set helps ‘build a straight line in the curve’, ie it works on the tendons.
  • The fourth set works on the spine and on the abdominal muscles.
  • The fifth set breaks energy blockages and increases oxygen in the body