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Annie Ollivier


  • Certified in Universal Tao System by Mantak Chia
  • Trained in Weight-Loss and medical Chi Kung
  • Practitioner in traditional Thai massage
  • Practitioner in shiatsu massage
  • Practitioner in Lightpuncture
  • Certificate in group facilitation (Saint-Paul University, Ottawa)
  • Initiated and trained in an Indian school of mysticism
  • Bachelor in written communications (University of Ottawa)
  • Translator into French of The Power of Now and A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle), Living in the Heart (Drunvalo Merchizédek), Science and the Akashic Field (Ervin Laszlo), Everyday Enlightenment and Divine Interventions (Dan Millman), Walking in this World (Julia Cameron), The Field (Lynne Mc Taggart), The Reconnection (Eric Pearl), and Maps to Ecstasy (Gabrielle Roth).
  • Founder of Slimming Chi Kung and of Weight-Loss Chi Kung workshops .

I would say that what has defined and continues to define my life is an eclectic mix of aptitudes and varied interests, together with a keen ability to synthesize and harmonize these elements in a coherent approach. I could give another name to this ability to synthesize and harmonize: transcendence.

I have devoted and continue to devote a part of my life to intellectual, literary and linguistic pursuits, as I have studied languages, linguistics, and literature, and I have been a professional translator for the last 35 years. Currently, I only translate books that concern precisely this subject of transcendence, for various Quebec and French editors.

And then there is the world of relationships and business, the field of action. Here, after my studies in group leadership and public relations, I devoted myself to the teaching of French and Chi kung, the practice of massage and the communications business. In particular, for ten years I was the owner of a Canadian company working in written communications and translation.

To successfully manage so many activities, you need to be in good health, be mentally alert and have a strong body. In this central aspect of my life, I have invested in my physical, energetic and spiritual well-being, as well as in helping others to do the same. My professional trainings in shiatsu, acupuncture, traditional Thai massage, Weight-Loss and medical Chi Kung, lightpuncture and healing Chi Kung with Mantak Chia (certified instructor) represent the physical and energetic side of my life, that continues to grow in importance. To go even further in this direction of transcendence, I pursued esoteric "studies" in India, where I participated in a school of mysticism (Poona) and acquired numerous tools in the field of energy.

Annie Ollivier

And last but not least is my interest in creativity which expresses itself in various forms: many years of dance that I continue to develop, sculpture, drawing, photography, fashion design, landscaping, and cooking.

And here we return to transcendence, since all these activities bring me back to the present, to my centre and to the light within, to the observer, the witness, and consciousness.