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Personalized Energy Check-up
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Personalized Energy Check-up


On-line consultation for Personalized Energy Check-up.

You would like to know which one, among the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is strongest or weakest in you? 

You would like to know which dominant character makes of you what you are, and also your organic weaknesses? 

Is is possible with this test, that has been used for decades. 

When you know your weakest element, you automatically know your weakest organ. At this point, you can tonify this organ and bring back physical and energetical balance in you. 

How? By using food as medicines. Along with the analysis of your test, you will receive a list of foods to eat according to the results of your test, as well as more general recommendations as meditations, exercises, chi kung, etc. 

So, first, you fill out on-line the 40 questions questionnaire (once having paid with Paypal, you will be redirected). When the form is completed, you click on SEND and I receive your answers. After having compiled and analyzed them,  I send you your Personalized Energy Check-up (a poster with the 5 elements of TCM with notes corresponding to your test), as well as some diet recommendations and some recipes that match your results.

To go ahead with your Personalized Energy Check-up

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