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Bilan énergétique personnalisé
Energizing Chi Kung DVD video excerpt
Energizing CHI KUNG
double DVD
(Medical Chi Kung DVD included)

DVD Chikung médical

Duration - 03h:04m (2 DVD)
Production - Annie Ollivier
Director - Dan Voyé

Rejuvenating Chi Kung

Have the Chinese discovered the fountain of youth? It seems so, because as mentioned above, certain older people who practice Chi Kung, and Chi Kung practitioners in general, appear younger than their years.

This Chi Kung was previously known only to the concubines of the Imperial Chinese court and was longtime kept secret. Why concubines? Because they concentrated on the fountain of youth (sexual energy)!

This Chi Kung helps in particular to lift up the organs (genital, digestive, etc,) which tend to sag. At the same time, it brings energy to the brain and energizes the whole body.

Longevity (Jing) Chi Kung

This Chi Kung is intended in particular to tone the kidneys and increase Jing energy (essence).

Microcosmic Orbit Chi Kung

This Chi Kung is very complete and includes a Do-In (self-massage ), the 6 Healing Sounds and breathing exercises (subtle breath). If you only have time for one exercise, this is the one to do!

Buddha Chi Kung

This Chi Kung puts more emphasis on the digestive system and the Dan Tien. It regularizes functions of the liver and spleen, opens the diaphragm and increases the Chi's pressure in the Dan Tien (belly).

An acquaintance of mine who practices Chi Kung and who had traveled in China, told me the story of an old Chinese man who looked like 50, but actually was a hundred years old. The old Chinese was a Taoist who practiced Chi Kung. He had been able to maintain his youthfulness and vitality by practicing this 4000-year-old art.

In fact, any type of Chi Kung is energizing because its very purpose is to recreate harmony and increase your energy level. Some Chi Kung exercises, I would say, are more of a medical nature, while others are of a more general type. Certain others are designed in particular to conserve sexual energy and use it to remain young.

In this workshop, we teach you 4 revitalizing (or energizing) Chi Kung exercises that will increase your energy level and resistance. They will make you more alert and dynamic.