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Example pages from the Medical and Energizing Chi Kung E-Book
Medical and Energizing Chi Kung


50 color pages
Editor - Annie Ollivier

Medical (or healing) Chi Kung is concerned in particular with human illness. In some Chinese hospitals, patients can choose between two forms of healthcare: allopathic medicine and drugs or Chi Kung (with acupuncture and Chinese herbalism). They can also choose to be treated with both simultaneously. Doctors specialized in medical Chi Kung thus treat these hospitalized patients to cure their illnesses, including cancer and other serious diseases. They practice a very complex medical art based once again on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I suggest that you visit the site of Jerry Alan Johnson who is an important specialist in the field and has written several "bibles" on medical Chi Kung. He also offers a training in medical Chi Kung in North America and China.


The medical Chi Kung exercises are included in another workshop different from Weight-Loss Chi Kung. These workshops are offered from time to time. I suggest you keep an eye on our calendar, because a medical Chi Kung workshop covering numerous exercises will be offered soon.

Following are certain medical Chi Kung exercises that will be taught: Chi Kung for the eyes, Chi Kung against insomnia, cancer prevention Chi Kung, Chi Kung for headaches, relaxing Chi Kung, Chi Kung for constipation and diarrhea, etc.


Rejuvenating Chi Kung

Have the Chinese discovered the fountain of youth? It seems so, because as mentioned above, certain older people who practice Chi Kung, and Chi Kung practitioners in general, appear younger than their years.

This Chi Kung was previously known only to the concubines of the Imperial Chinese court and was longtime kept secret. Why concubines? Because they concentrated on the fountain of youth (sexual energy)!

This Chi Kung helps in particular to lift up the organs (genital, digestive, etc,) which tend to sag. At the same time, it brings energy to the brain and energizes the whole body.

Longevity (Jing) Chi Kung

This Chi Kung is intended in particular to tone the kidneys and increase Jing energy (essence).

Microcosmic Orbit Chi Kung

This Chi Kung is very complete and includes a Do-In (self-massage ), the 6 Healing Sounds and breathing exercises (subtle breath). If you only have time for one exercise, this is the one to do!

Buddha Chi Kung

This Chi Kung puts more emphasis on the digestive system and the Dan Tien. It regularizes functions of the liver and spleen, opens the diaphragm and increases the Chi's pressure in the Dan Tien (belly).