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Professional training (theory and practice) for practitioners (Weight-Loss Chi Kung)

A training designed for those who wish to teach Weight-Loss Chi Kung will be offered soon. It will last a minimum of 2 week-ends (or the equivalent) and will be offered as a turnkey concept with instructor handbook, participant handbook, related documents : Personalized Energy Check-up, Health Form, Character Poster, Constitution Poster, Diet Tables, Recipes, etc.) in paper form and electronic form, Health Chi Kung products at 40% discount for resell (Weight-Loss Chi Kung DVD, Medical and Energizing Chi Kung DVD, Tao Yin DVD (Taoist Yoga), Tao CD (6 Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, 3 Forces of the Universe, preparatory exercises), poster, Medical and Energizing Chi Kung illustrated Handbooks, Mediterranean Vegetarism and Taoist Diet Book – in preparation.